A native of Atlantic City, N.J., John spent his early years in Philadelphia, PA. He won a full scholarship to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1953-58,where he was strongly influenced by Morris Blackburn's theory of design, and Francis Speight's teaching of landscape painting. He was awarded the coveted Cresson Travelling Scholarship, which gave him the opportunity to study master paintings and old world architecture in France, Holland and Italy. Street scenes of old Philadelphia became his favorite subject. Long before the phrase, plein air," came into vogue, John routinely set up his easel "on site", frequentlyattracting newspaper photographers! In the community art movement of the '60's, John was one of the founders of the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia. In 1974, he and his wife, Blanche,opened the Kammer Gallery, to promote local artists. Moving to California in 1988, John was thrilled to find exciting subjects to paint in the landscapes and Victorian architecture of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Style: John blends realism and impressionism in his work in varied media: oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil and photography. He aims to capture he glowing transparency of the California coastal light. John's expertise in drawing, composition and perspective is a result of his rigorous training. His portfolio contains many miniature works, and he has converted some of his paintings into postcards of Alameda.

WEBSITE: http://www.ajohnkammer.com

EMAIL: bla_kam@sbcglobal.net


Philadelphia Image

Chaconne, Violin



Alameda Theatre

Alameda Jewels

St. Joseph Basilica

SF Bay from Alameda Beach




Portrait of a woman