Mosaic Artist

My work is about energy – conveying layers and nuance contained in concept.

Mosaic is alive with texture and movement – living in dialogue with ever changing light and the viewer’s position. Requiring planning and deliberate action, I balance the intense process of moving from concept to design to execution, remaining open to the unexpected which further energizes the piece.

Working with tile, art glass, tempered glass, stone, and mixed media, my pieces range from small to large-scale, including mirrors, table tops, lamps and wall installations. My style includes decorative and representational with a special focus of conceptual compositions.

In addition to my own creative impetus, I have designed pieces on commission. I feel privileged to discover a visual expression for my client’s vision.

Contact: / (650) 238-8320

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Cherry Blossom Time


Heart Geode

Torii: Sacred Path

Winter Oak Sunset

Mandala: Sacred Elements

Dragonfly Trio

Sacred Light/Sacred Ground


Call to Prayer

A River Runs Through It