For me, painting is a way of creatively expressing what's going on inside my mind and heart. Sometimes I paint my experience of beauty and love, sometimes I paint my experience of pain and darkness. They are a part of all of us and I hope to show an appreciation for the paradox and mystery life gives us. We can accept all these different sides of ourselves and others with acceptance and love.

My education is in psychology and art, so I love to combine these two interests in my work. I've worked as a graphic designer and instructor at a local community college, an advertising designer for a newspaper, was co-owner of a graphic design and typesetting business, and conducted art therapy groups at two locked psychiatric facilities.

I truly hope my art will inspire people's appreciation of the paradox of life's light and dark sides. If we can hold an appreciation for both, perhaps we could understand each other and get along better.



Reaching for Authenticity

Passion Flower

Kundalini Rising


Floral Mandela


Native American Mandela


Spring Burst


Sexuality Mandela