Byon Elmore was born at Highland hospital in Oakland, California and was raised from a baby in Alameda, California. A self taught artist and later a self taught painter, Byron began his quest to be a painter by trying to paint with oils, which he early on ruled out as his "medium of choice". When told by a friend about acrylics, he soon decided that would be his medium, which is what his painting are created in.

Byron paints under a pseudonym; Biijon which was given to him by his wife while trying to recreate a pizza from his childhood.The name seemed catchy to him, his family and friends so he decided to go with it.

Byron has shown and sold his artwork all around the Bay Area and is proud of the fact that it has travelled with collectors to different parts of the world like Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Oaklahoma and Mexico to name a few locations.


Self Portrait

Warm Rain

No Strings Attached

Out on a Limb

Dances with Shadows

The Struggle


Eve First Bite

A Bedtime Story

Miles to the Moon

Calla Lilies

Mr. No Name Somebody