When I was in the first grade my teacher asked me to decorate the window for Christmas. I might have overdone it a little bit. She brought in other teachers to see what Iíd made, and Iíll never forget how it felt to create something that other people appreciated and enjoyed. I continued to create, and by high school was selling oil paintings locally.

In college I started experimenting with watercolors because they dried faster and I had 30 paintings to complete in a very short time. As I began to paint and paint and paint, I realized the pigmented water was a metaphor for everything that challenged me in life. A card-carrying control freak, it caused me great anxiety to tip the board and watch the paint pool and swirl where it would, to sprinkle salt and see what happened, to apply paint and see what it became. That is still not my favorite way to paint, but it did help me find the beauty in letting go and letting nature take its course. Nature is the focus of my art: trees, flowers, rocks. I love working small with the tiniest brush I can find, often using a magnifying glass to capture minute detail. I donít aim for perfect realism, but rather to perfectly capture the mood the subject matter evokes for me.

My artistic journey has taken me in unforeseen directions over the years, from fine art to graphic design to art direction. Now as a new empty-nester, I have the time to refocus on studies of what appeals to me in nature, bringing to it the life experience Iíve accrued. Since coming to Alameda Iíve been inspired by the trees, the coast, the blue skies, the flora, and I canít imagine a life without being able to pin them all down on paper.

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