In 2009, Carol Marlin began pursuing her interest in art after completing the homeschooling of her five children. She was born and raised in the East Bay with a brief sojourn during her high school years to the rural southeast corner of Washington State where a love of animals was cultivated as her family lived the country life. Introduced to painting by accomplished western artist, Lisa Johnson McLoughlin, she then studied portraiture at The Atelier of Virgil Elliott in Northern California from 2011 to 2013, where he began instructing her on the basics of portraiture with charcoal drawings, progressing to black & white oils, then a limited color palette and finally to a full palate as he teaches using the methods of the Old Masters. Lisa still provides critiquing of her work. Ceramic study began several years ago and has become a passion, as well.

Carol has a small art school that she operates out of her home where she introduces eager young artists to the wonder of the creative process. Recognizing the beauty all around us and creating lovely things is a never ending source of joy. Painting portraits of beloved pets has become a great source of inspiration and she hopes to bring joy to many more people through this honor.


Carolina's Rose

Johnson's Kitties


Cosmo - Pet Portrait

Ship in a Bottle

New Zealand Cow

Italian Garden

Marco - Pet Portrait

Poppy Stop

Ceramic Basket - Green and Copper

Platter - Blue Fish

Covered Casserole

Knitting Bowl - Black and Purple