Specializing in creating paintings from your photos and memories!

Today my work comes from my deep appreciation of those who have worked, lived and loved many years in experiencing life’s light and special moments. I work from personal experience, photographs, trips, and perhaps most importantly, feelings and emotions that are gathered through visits and conversations with those who have special moments or places they wish to capture on canvas. Most of these subjects contain old places, buildings, items, events that usually represent the often hard work and efforts of people who have gone before to provide the present with rich and cherished memories. Current work is often taken from old, black and white, sometimes-damaged photographs of building and places that only exist in the minds of those who experienced and appreciate them. My goal is to bring out and show the true life, feelings and emotions associated with these special places or events using oils or acrylics.



Waiting for Wind

Sunrise in Bryce Canyon

Yosemite Winter

Virginia Farm House

Antarctic Sunset

Pampered Pom

Lady and Bird

Sunlit Hibiscus

Midnight Watchman

Sunset Toast

Doves'n Birds

El Capitan