Two years ago, I had an epiphany to pursue my lifelong love for art. I went back to school and took a variety of classes in different colleges around the Bay Area.

My name is Nelly Spiro, I paint with passion, and my work is an extension of my spiritual beliefs. I see beauty in everything and every day. I take notice of the things around me that usually tend to go unnoticed. My interpretation of the beautiful world we live in is expressed in my paintings through colors, curved lines, and brush strokes. Still life and photography also play a big role in planning for my next subject matter.

My favorite mediums that I like working with are watercolor and oil. I like the transparency and speed of watercolour, and the quality and flexibility of oil. I usually start my painting with a clear idea of what I want to do, but after working for a while, the painting starts to take its own direction. The fact that it's always a challenge is what I enjoy the most with my work as an artist.

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Three Pumpkins in a Field

Still Life




Lady with Tears



Lady Reflecting