Sharon has been drawing and cartooning since she was 3 years old. She has an art degree from UC Irvine, where she focused on design, cartooning, printmaking and stained glass. 

She works with acrylic paint on canvas and wood, plays with polymer clay and epoxy clay, makes jewelry, electroforms random components and loves to mess with mixed media designs. She's been melting and forming Murano glass on the torch since April 1996, and makes beads, jewelry, small sculptures, and glass components for her paintings and mixed media pieces.

Sharon's work is sometimes serious and sometimes funny.  Her favorite designs are sculptural, cartoony, bright and silly, and tell stories that make people laugh. The ideas come from everywhere – culture, history, nature, cartoons she's been drawing since she was little.

She loves the creative process and can lose herself for weeks playing with new designs, experimenting, and attempting the impossible, all without producing a single sale-worthy piece of work.  Improvisation, in any media, is a great tool and Sharon says it’s improved her technical skills and allowed her to grow as an artist.  And it often produces some interesting new designs!  

Sharon's primarily known for her glass pieces, and her work has been exhibited in the U.S., Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.  Her work has been published in Bead&Button, Bead Unique, Beads of Glass, 1000 Glass Beads, The Masters: Glass Beads, and she'll be featured in her own chapter in the hardback book Inspiration In Glass, coming fall 2015.

Her paintings and prints, and a selection of glass designs, are available at the Alameda Art Gallery.

Sharon Peters



Handsome 6 Footer

After the Ball is Over


Bone Voyage


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Pussy Willows

Professor Leaky

Kitten Kaboodle

SPS Goblin

Necklace Cluster 2